Kentucky Institute of Medicine™

About Us:


The mission of the Kentucky Institute of Medicine™ (KIOM) is to improve the health of the people of Kentucky by providing objective, evidence-based advice concerning health and health care to policy makers, professionals, leaders of society and the public. The mission of the Institute embraces the health of all of the people of Kentucky.

The Institute accomplishes this mission by sponsoring research, collating and analyzing information, and developing a consensus among the members of the Institute about issues relating to health and health care that are in the best interests of the public. The Institute will respond to requests from outside sources for analysis and advice when this will aid in forming a basis for health policy decisions.


The members of the Institute are selected on the basis of their professional achievement and integrity. Selection and acceptance of membership in the Institute is both an honor and a commitment to serve in the Institute's activities. Members are selected by the Institute's membership, and they serve without compensation. Membership is limited to approximately one hundred members, and members may serve for five years and may be reelected for five years. In order to bring a broad perspective and the competence necessary to address complex public issues, at least twenty percent of the membership must be selected from professions other than those primarily related to medicine and health care. Those selected as members are not advocates for any particular discipline or position, and they do not officially represent the organizations with which they may be affiliated. All former active members of the Institute continue to be listed as alumni members and are invited to continue their involvement in activities of the Institute.


The Institute accomplishes its research, consensus and reporting functions by collaborating with government agencies, universities, foundations, and other established organizations in Kentucky and the nation. The staffs of these organizations assist the members of the Institute to fulfill the Institute's mission.

The Institute is governed by a Council of five members elected by the membership. Council members serve for two years, and they are responsible for overseeing the functions of the Institute and advising the staff on issues related to health policy.

The Institute will act in response to requests for counsel regarding health care issues by establishing "task forces" of key individuals with expertise relevant to the specific topic or issues. Each research initiative is undertaken by a task force comprised of both KIOM members and non-member experts to study the key issues and propose solutions to the problems at hand. The frequency of task force meetings would depend on the topic and the urgency and complexity of the issue. At the conclusion of each KIOM Task Force a report will be issued and publicized in various venues.

The Institute is staffed by the Office of Health Research and Development at the University of Kentucky. Linda M. Asher serves as Executive Director and will be responsible for overseeing the staff of researchers and administrative personnel who manage the Institute's projects. Once the Institute has been established and in operation, the leadership of the Institute may determine the location and staffing necessary for its continued operation.

Policy on Conflicts of Interest

The Kentucky Institute of Medicine™ accords special importance to assuring the integrity of, and hence the public confidence in, the process of preparing and reporting its findings. Reports must not only be competent and objective but perceived to be free of any significant conflict of interest or lack of appropriate balance. Selection of members serving on task forces that review and report Institute positions is based on competence and expertise related to the issue and the lack of any known conflict of interest or bias. The term "conflict of interest" means any financial or other interest that impairs the member's objectivity or that creates an unfair advantage for the member or his/her affiliated group or organization.

The Kentucky Institute of Medicine™ was started with a gift from the estate of Hoover Dawahare.