Kentucky Institute of Medicine™

Policies and Procedures:

Election of Members

  1. Nominations
    1. Eligibility for Election
      1. Membership in the Kentucky Institute of Medicine™ is based on (Article IV KIOM By-Laws):
        1. Distinguished professional achievement, recognition by peers for their accomplishment and personal integrity
        2. Demonstrated and continued interest with the issues of health care, prevention diagnosis and treatment of disease, health professions education, or research in these areas;
        3. Skills and resources likely to contribute to the Institute's tasks of assessing current knowledge, conducting studies, and considering policy issues; and developing written reports reflecting conclusions about health policy issues; and
        4. Willingness to be an active participant in the Institute.
    2. Who May Nominate
      1. Anyone may sponsor a candidate for membership to the KIOM.
    3. Nomination Process
      1. A call for nominations is sent to all KIOM members on or about July 1st. Nominations must be received no later than October 1st.
      2. A new nomination form must be completed for each candidate regardless of whether a candidate was nominated previously. The nomination form must be accompanied by the nominee’s curriculum vitae. There must be a seconding letter prepared by a member of the KIOM which also reflects how the candidate meets the eligibility criteria. No additional letters of support, beyond the required materials, are accepted or appropriate from any source.
      3. It is permissible for members to discuss the nomination with a prospective nominee to obtain relevant information. However, ultimate responsibility for assembling the information and submitting the nomination lies with the sponsor.
    4. Integrity of the Process
      1. Nominations for membership in the KIOM are considered privileged and confidential.
      2. Campaigning for candidates is not permitted.

  2. Membership Committee
    1. The Membership Committee will review all nominations. The list of candidates will be made available to the Membership Committee in advance of the meeting for their review.
    2. Discipline, geographic location, expertise or under-represented group will be considered in the selection process.
    3. Staff suggestions
      1. KIOM staff may also make recommendations to the executive director of KIOM for nomination to membership. The membership committee will consider the nominee, who is required to provide the same level of documentation of eligibility as other nominees.
    4. The nominees receiving a majority vote of the Membership Committee will be listed on the slate.
    5. This slate is reviewed by the Membership Committee chair before being forwarded to the Board of Governors for review and consent.

  3. Confirmation for KIOM Membership
    1. The slate will then be sent to the KIOM membership for a vote.
    2. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the KIOM membership is required for confirmation of a nominee.
    3. New members will be introduced at the annual meeting.

  4. Alumni Members
    1. After a service of two (2) terms, a member may elect to become an Alumni Member. Alumni members are relieved of normal committee responsibilities. Alumni members have all the rights and privileges of regular members except the right to vote, hold elective office, or make motions at membership meetings.